On Sunday May 6, 2018, a service took place at the Tin Tabernacle in North London to commemorate the remains of the followers from the SLY movement.

SLY’s followers were too eager in finding an identity within a group that they became unaware to Sly’s real motives.  The end game for Sly was to  form his own identity by devouring those who embodied the things that were missing from his life.

With their identities cut into fragments, their names became irrelevant and their words spoken meaningless and obsolete.  The followers forgot about their own lives and found themselves completely immersed inside SLY.

The attendees of this service were brought forth into the church and were confronted with Sly himself as he sat upon the cannon at the transept  of the church surveying the spectacle he made for himself.   

costume designer- ZOE ARMENIADES
videographer-TOM SELMON